1. Poke!! May it find its way to everyone who reads this!
    On the mainland, we only can get it served in fast casual places.
    I could not stop if we could get it your way.

  2. Thanks for showing us your Safeway! So expensive there! Have you ever shopped at Walmart for food? I think their prices are lower than regular markets. Have you checked out Sam's Club? I think they have more "local" food there. I guess the closest one is on Ke'eaumoku St.for you.

  3. The prices there are double what those items sells for here in the Mid-West. We use to have Safeway stores here, but I think that most are closed now and the same is true for Kroger which is a chain out of Ohio. Some of the items there is about the same as it is here and some must be from other countries and some made there in Hawaii.

  4. I live in the bay area and usually go to Chinatown for fruits, vegetables, and oriental products. The fruits and vegetables are more abundant and fresher in Chinatown because of the fast turnover. I would go to Safeway for their sales items and $5 Fridays. Things are so expensive now, so we have to do what we can to get more bang for our buck. Thanks for the Hawaii Safeway tour, Niki; the prices are slightly cheaper in the bay area…but still expensive!

  5. Los Angeles brown onion is .79/lb, red is .89/lb.

    Challenge butter is $2.99 which I bought today.

    lemon is .50 each which I bought today (but not organic just regular lemon)

    Progresso or Campbell soup is $1.99

    Watercress is $1.79 (but your Safeway bunch looks big, mine's is small)

  6. Thanks Niki for the Safeway tour. I live in Bay Area & many grocery stores I feel are taking advantage of raising prices with no regulations. They know we have no choice but to pay for it. The $5 Friday deals are the days I like to shop there. That deli looked yummy!

  7. Indeed, diabetes is serious. I have a friend who has diabetic retinopathy, who lost sight in one eye and is in danger of going completely blind in the other eye. Also, medical historians figured out that the entire family of Laura Ingalls Wilder had diabetes. No wonder the elder sister, Mary, went blind. Really scary stuff.

  8. Well, I know prices are higher there because of having to ship a lot in from the mainland. They are incredibly higher than where I am in Wisconsin. I just about swallowed my tongue when I saw the prices of your gallon of milk. I can get a gallon of milk here for about $2.49. And that's the regular price. I should do a video of a trip to the grocery store here and send it to you so you can see it. Just give me your grocery list and I'll ship it over to you…lol. Just kidding…thanks for a lovely tour of the store. Take care.💗

  9. Mahalo for your vlog! I really like Safeway but the prices can be really steep. Friday $5.00 sales are awesome! Produce and fruits are so fresh but also high. I guess, its good to shop around if you have the time. 😊 🤙🏼Aloha! 🌺

  10. looks like prices there is 1/3 to twice the price @ my local Safeway in SF bay area. poke looks so fresh. we probably have 2 options, tops 🙂 and that price is fantastic for poke.

  11. Meadow Gold Dairies IS in Hawaii and IS locally owned as of last year.

    It was bought out by a Big Island person in 2020 who didn't like the notion of MG not being here in Hawaii after all these generations. Milk production is on the Big Island with distribution based in Waipahu.

    Since the Renaissance of MG, I would 98% of the time buy locally produced MG milk as their sale prices of $7.59 isn't that much higher than a gallon of milk imported from the mainland.

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