SOLO 30 Miles Offshore! I take my catch to the FISH AUCTION!

When the weather is good and the crew has to work solo fishing is the only option. Went fishing 30 miles outside of Haleiwa and chased some bird piles. I was able to put some fish and blood in the box and take my catch to market afterwards. Overall a great fist trip of the year 🤙

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Next Lure drop is Friday February 18th, 4pm HST, 10pm EST

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Content of this video:
0:00 – Intro
0:44 – on the move
1:52 – Setting Lines
7:22 – Bird Pile
7:5 3 – Fish on!
9:28 – Bird Pile
9:50 – Fish on!
11:13 – Triple Strike
13:38- Ocean Rubbish
15:22 – Fish on!
17:05 – Awesome Bird Pile
18:00 – Heading in
18:18 – My Catch
18:39 – Fish Auction
19:12 – How much we made



  1. First time viewing your videos. Nice work! One suggestion I could make; if you’re going to be fishing alone, or even not alone, you should be wearing a life vest and carrying an EPIRB. Could save your life one day… These inflatable vests they have these days are so nice you don’t even know you’re wearing one after you get used to it. Anyway, that’s my $0.02.

  2. Hi Nick
    I recently found your channel, and have to say you are living good my friend.
    I have been a life long angler, now in my sixties. I've dreamed of blue water fishing off of the islands for Tuna and Marlin.
    Maybe some day for me.
    I enjoy watching you and your buddies and your young family, here in the mid west on a cold snowy nite.
    SOLO trips definitely present some challenges, but safety should not be one of them. As you say we need to do it right & do it safe.

    So with all that said and I'm not telling what to do. I think you should consider rigging your boat with a wireless M.O.B. kill switch unit.
    Lots of affordable units on the market these days. Just look at it as another tool to be used in our bag of angling tricks. Besides don't think you can swim as fast as Mo Olelo.

    keep it safe.
    Fish On!

  3. You should come out on my new boat and tell me what I'm doing wrong, only hooked up once trolling and learned the lesson of backing off the throttle. I just end up suiting up and getting in to force feed shafts. I assume its the distance of my rigs from the boat…. but worst case, I'll keep learning autodidactically like I did with spearing and like many others here learned to fish… as long as I'm out, I'm stoked.

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