Stranded tourists, expats in ‘China’s Hawaii’ join fight against latest Covid-19 outbreak

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People stuck in “China’s Hawaii” following a new Covid-19 outbreak have been keeping busy by helping authorities tackle the latest Covid surge. At least 80,000 tourists were stranded in Sanya after travel restrictions were imposed on August 7, 2022. Officials had flown 125 tourists out of the resort city in the southern island of Hainan on August 9. China is the only major economy still holding fast to a zero-Covid strategy with its borders remaining largely closed since early 2020, halting international tourism. The latest outbreak came during the peak tourist season in Sanya, which is a popular surfing spot.

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  1. Covid 19 or it's variants will never be fatal for any one and the patient never need to be hospitalized if the patient strictly follows a particular diet plan during the covid 19 infection, click over the budhha image and see the description box of the given video. It is my two decades experience of the hellish pain of pneumonia and inflammation . There are thousands of species of living things on earth, covid 19 is only fatal for humans, why? most of the animals never face inflammation severely like humans. why? Some patients have been facing long covid and some of them still didn't get rid of it completely. Why? A human body takes 15 days to get immunity against any virus but many covid patients didn't get immunity against it after one or one and a half year. Why? The other thing, covid 19 is fatal only for 1 or less than one percent of the infected people, while 99 percent get survived with it and if the patients who are severely affected get ventilator and other facilities on time then the mortality rate would be less than that, so the main thing that has been killing the people it is not the virus directly, it is inflammation because if the patient survives inflammation he survived covid 19. See the description box of the given video, it answers, all these questions..dear friends I was a very severe patient of pneumonia and inflammation and it's been three years and I won't face neither pneumonia nor inflammation now. but I follow my diet plan very very strictly..I want to ask the doctors, why don't I face pneumonia now, is the pneumonia virus no more exist in the atmosphere? If not then why? I tell you the reason because now my body doesn't act overwhelmingly on pneumonia virus thus if the patient's body doesn't act overwhelmingly on covid 19 virus he never faces inflammation overwhelmingly and he is safe.::::::::::::::::::::

  2. South China Morning Post showed an interview with Margaret Cho saying when Asians want to be productive they really want to be White. SCMP seems to agree with this antiwhiteism racism. Do they believe this is Asian self-hatred too?

  3. China people should quickly get vaccinated. Vaccination helps in reducing the number of hospitalisation. My family of 4, 3 of us got Covid 19 variant 5 but we escape with a mild sore throat. Less than a week we recovered but Covid really put a strain on our body. We became tired easily for a week or two. This is unlike the normal flu or sore throat we usually encountered where we recovered in a day or two. We know our body are fighting already with Covid as the symptoms are mild and On and Off your body will recover and down again but definitely the antibodies are fighting already. I plan to get the booster shot soon so that we can lived along side with Covid. The fear already lesser but we still keep percaution and observe SOP.

  4. Do remember China is a massive country with 1.4 billion population. The media outlets keep reporting new covid outbreaks in China,you should understand that only a tiny portion of the whole country is affected. Most places in China are covid free,most of the people life is normal since the outbreak 2020. While for those countries which have give up,is the covid not exist anymore? No,actually very serious in some country,people just ignore them and pretend it not exists.for example,Japan,200 000 +new cases each day for months,thousands death,millions suffered the pain of covid,but even the media lost interest to report it.

  5. There's no such thing as "Zero COVID". In the long term the truth of the fact will bear out in full, like it or not. What do you think endemicity is about? Since antiquity, has the common flu virus ever been resolved?

  6. Take all their money that's patriotic alright ,lock them in their expensive rooms ,charge massively for the 5 tests per day , serve them sub standard food and then release in 2 weeks maybe

  7. Ugh! This zero Covid bull needs to stop, they'll never be able to eliminate a virus that exists in pretty much every major population on Earth. The sooner they realize this the less ridiculous they'd look.

  8. Sunlight shines onto the Earth's surface, where the energy is absorbed and then radiate back into the atmosphere as heat. In the atmosphere, greenhouse gas molecules trap some of the heat, and the rest escapes into space. The more greenhouse gases concentrate in the atmosphere, the more heat gets locked up in the molecules.

  9. What will we do—what can we do—to slow this human-caused warming? How will we cope with the changes we've already set into motion? While we struggle to figure it all out, the fate of the Earth as we know it—coasts, forests, farms, and snow-capped mountains—hangs in the balance.

  10. Climate change encompasses not only rising average temperatures but also extreme weather events, shifting wildlife populations and habitats, rising seas, and a range of other impacts. All of those changes are emerging as humans continue to add heat-trapping greenhouse gases to the atmosphere, changing the rhythms of climate that all living things have come to rely on.

  11. Hainan is very different from other provinces of China. Imagine if the British Empire choose occupy this instead of Hongkong maybe it'll be like what Taiwan is now.

  12. Should have made reasonable judgements and stayed at home! There is an ongoing pandemic and these selfish tourists decided to go on holiday and risk infecting other people. I am happy these tourists are stranded!

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