Hawaiian Chill Music | Maui Medley

Chill out with some hawaiian chill music by the beach after a long day of surfing to the soothing sounds of the ukulele and Hawaiian steel guitar 🌺🌊🏝 Listen to all of our Hawaiian music on Spotify @ https://spoti.fi/3p58MyA source


COVERED [Non stop] Photo/http://kobealohabz.com/2009_2013/2010/index.html [Playlist] 00:00 Maui Chimes (マウイ・チャイムス) 02:06 Coconut Grove (ココナッツ・グローヴ) 04:32 Tiny Bubbles(タイニー・バブルズ) 07:35 Kaimana Hila (カイマナ・ヒラ) 10:39 Malihini Mele (マリヒニ・メレ) 12:53 On a Little Bamboo Bridge (小さな竹の橋) 16:01 On a Tropic Night (南国の夜) 19:26 Hawaiian Pradise (ハワイアン・パラダイス) 22:35 Little Brown Gal (リトル・ブラウン・ギャル) 25:38 MY TANE (私の彼氏(マイ・ターネ)) 28:06 South Sea Island Magic… Continue reading HAWAIIAN MUSIC – ALOHA BREEZE [NON_STOP_VER]