The 4-Man ATX Men's FINAL | HAWAII vs CALIFORNIA 4v4 Pro Beach Volleyball

4 vs 4 Professional Beach Volleyball Men’s Final: US Men’s Indoor Volleyball National Team outsider hitter, Taylor Sander competes in his first final on the beach for Team Hawaii with fellow Olympians Tri Bourne, Taylor Crabb and AVP Champion Trevor Crabb versus Team California led by 2016 Olympian Casey Patterson and AVP champions Chase Budinger, Jeremy Casebeer and Troy Field all competing for a grand prize of $20,000.

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Talent: Riley McKibbin, Maddison McKibbin, April Ross, Casey Patterson, Chase Budinger, Taylor Crabb, Taylor Sander, Trevor Crabb, Tri Bourne, Jeremy Casebeer, Troy Field, Kristen Nuss, Taryn Kloth, Peter Connole, Bruno Amorim, Karissa Cook, Geena Urango, Eric Beranek, Falyn Fonoimoana, Macy Jerger, Katie Dickens, Silila Tucker, Lauren Dickson, Jennifer Keddy, Taylor Nutterfield, Rafaa Quesada, Jerel Deacon, Angela Bensend, Taylor Hughes, Adam Johnson
Produced/Edited by: The McKibbin Brothers
Video Captured by: The McKibbin Brothers, Daniel Freitas, Josh Glazebrook, Chris Goldstein, Darren Herrman

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