The ULTIMATE Hawaii travel guide for first timers | What you NEED to know!

This week we have compiled a Hawaii Travel Guide for the island of Oahu! It’s more than just a things to do list. Rather, it’s an overview of each region on the island, transportation and hotels, food, culture and important need to knows. We created this video, because we searched for it before moving to Hawaii. We hope you enjoy it! Aloha!

A note about the people of Hawaii. This has been our experience in Oahu and what we’ve learned from the people we befriended as well as at our workplace. This information, of course, does not apply to all people living in Hawaii 🙂

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00:00 Introduction
00:47 Oahu Nickname & Transportation
02:40 Places to Stay
03:42 Weather in Oahu
04:11 Oahu’s Regions
09:05 Food Overview
10:20 Things to Know
11:20 Hawaiian Culture

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  1. To tourists: please keep in mind that you are a guest on these sacred lands. Although, Hawaii is the 50th state of the US. Native Hawaiians are still fighting for sovereignty for their ppl. Please come respectfully, kind and humble. Being rude and demanding will continue to create more tension among our community. Resulting in locals and natives not being to keen to tourist.
    Please be free not only to check out the beauty but also come on over and educate yourself on the Kingdom of Hawaii and the respect for nature here. 🌺

  2. Your content is superb! I moved back to Waikiki 6 months ago and I’m using your videos to build itineraries for my husband and I to explore more of the island. Mahalo for your help! 😉

  3. Aloha Denny and Nikki! Thanks so much for all the informative videos and great footage. I can't wait to go in October. I wanted to ask, do you have any recommendations for restaurants with a beautiful sunset view? 🙂

  4. Aloha Denny & Nikki, Love your videos. As a Native Hawaiian Born and Raised and still lives here, your videos are awesome. Great job Nikki on the pronunciation of the Place Names.

  5. My family and I just visited Waikiki and stood at the Hilton it was absolutely gorgeous. I pray to go back again one day I fell in love with the culture and island.

  6. Nikki- I have a trip to Oahu this fall and am coming from Florida. Since you moved from here, can you give me some tips on what will help me with jet lag? Love your videos, very informative and entertaining. Thanks for sharing your adventures!

  7. Seriously, their tip is to not stay at Waikiki, one of the most signature places in the world so that you can go to Chinatown and look at cat figures or some random murals in parking lots ? Sorry I have Oakland for that

  8. One thing you missed in your map of the Islands in the beginning of the video is Kaho‘olawe you forgot to label Kaho‘olawe
    . The island is a sacred place it is not inhabited due to the US military using it for target practice for bombs for several decades. They broke the water table on the island from the bombings. Even though nobody lives on the island it should still be labeled.

  9. Your video was so good. Thank you. My husband and kids want to visit the island and your video so far is my favorite🙂. I will check the other videos🌺🌻. 🙏🏻

  10. Can I just say all the Hawaii locals in the comments are so respectful and kind and nice. I have never seen such a kind positive comment section. My questions is how long is the traffic typically? So i can be mindful of when to leave our hotel to our actives all around the island in Honolulu

  11. Nikki and Denny, thank you for all the awesome content I really enjoy you both. I'm a Cali girl, so I'm glad you made it out his way. I'm planing to visit Oahu in OCT for my birthday, I've been taking notes from your videos. Can you recommend any must do tours in Oahu? Let me know. Thanks!

  12. Great video guys! We stayed at the Prince Waikiki on our last trip. Can you recommend any hotels further down towards Diamond Head ? Average prices if possible. Thanks

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