Things to Do on the Big Island’s Kona Coast for the Day: our perfect Hawaii day

The Kona Coast on the Island of Hawaii (Big Island) has enough to do to fill your vacation to Hawaii. Thanks to Get Wet Store for supporting our channel. Here is one of our favorite days exploring the Kona Coast.

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Things to Do in Kona, Hawaii:
00:00 Intro
00:50 Kona Coffee for Breakfast
01:28 Our Favorite South Kona Snorkel Spot
05:14 Shop Local in Kona
05:50 Brewery for Lunch
07:17 Our Favorite Kona Beach
08:26 Dinner in South Kona

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  1. Love your videos and they were a huge help in planning our trip last year to Maui and Oahu! We are planning our trip to the Big Island in October and want to rent a Jeep from Big Island Jeep Rental. If you have a referral code we would be happy to use it to help support your channel!

  2. hey yall
    I heard from a few people that there are an abundance of job opportunities on the big island. I plan to relocate to the big island and I'm looking for any type of full time job.
    What's your view on the the job market over there

  3. what are your thoughts on traveling to hawaii as of late? been seeing a lot of news articles about people demanding tourists stop coming because it's ruining the economy / contributing to gentrification =/. I really want to go sometime this summer but feel really conflicted.

  4. Do you ever snorkel with contacts Jordan? Just wondering if it works as an option over buying a prescription mask. You guys should see if the Get Wet Store would be willing to do a video with you on how to choose snorkel gear.
    Always nice to see Edith make an appearance in your videos! She is so cute, and always puts a smile on my face. 😊

  5. Three years ago on our last trip to Maui we flew over to the Big Island for the day into Hilo and we had reserved a helicopter tour of the volcano then landing at a coffee plantation for a tour but Mother Nature made it rain so we drove by close to the volcano then drove to one of the coffee plantations for our own tour I don’t remember the plantation name now but it had great coffee and very informative tour. Great video.

  6. You do a lot of videos on Maui but I am so happy to see one on the big island. The family and I are choosing to visit Kona next year. Love your channel, always hit like and share!

  7. I'm still gong through all of your content (it's great!), so I may have missed this, but: have you put together any guide videos on things to do on Hawaii with kids? Especially since you have young kids, I think it would be incredibly helpful for a lot of families, and I'm always looking for more tips for when we go with our 4 year old daughter 🙂 Mahalo!

  8. Hello my name is Prince I have been following your channel for the past 8mos straight and first off THANK YOU SO MUCH for the great insight you give. It's truly amazing and appreciated.

    Now I need you help 😃…. Please respond when you get a chance. Thanks in advance!

  9. I like that you said the mineral based sunscreen is what they believe for now that works for the reef. There’s too many people out there making absolutes and then finding out it changes.

  10. Perfect timing! Watching this from the Tuk Tuk Food Truck in Volcano (which we found thanks to your earlier video) – on our way to Kona tonight for the rest of the week!

  11. Here's something I wish we'd known about the Big Island, especially the Kona region as you head south: the main roads for travel are all at a decent elevation, so getting to any shoreline spots involves traveling down some very twisty, sometimes steep, always narrow side streets. We'd decided to splurge on a convertible for our time on the island, which ended up being a Mustang. It was a blast to drive on main roads and highways, but navigating those twisty side streets (with zero shoulder) was terrifying. That car's giant front end always felt like it was about to tip right over the side of every curve. I think next time we'll opt for a Jetta.

  12. Two-Step is an absolute, no argument, can't-miss destination if you're on the Big Island and want to go snorkeling. We made time for it after you guys recommended it in a previous video last year, and we're very grateful. We've been to (and enjoyed) Capt Cook's, Molokini Crater, Turtle Town, and other snorkel spots in Hawaii, but nothing compares to our morning at Two-Step. In addition to the massive schools of colorful fish, we saw a moray eel, convict fish, turtles, sandpipers in the tide polls, an enormous eagle ray (there's a short video of it on my channel,) and an octopus! It was like being inside a giant saltwater aquarium. Thanks again for recommending it.

  13. I know you guys do lots of videos on the popular islands, but the big island doesn’t get enough attention for all their great dreamy spots.

  14. Just got back from an eight day delightful and rejuvenating trip with my family to the Island of Hawai'i. Thanks to your awesome itinerary, we comfortably did the North Kohala, Kohala Coast, and South Kona Beaches & Coffee days (even mentioned to Hala Tree Coffee how we found out about them and they were thrilled). Thanks again for the AMAZING recommendations. The value you added to our trip was really great. Two Step snorkeling was incredible, and we also found Honoka'ope Bay (Beach 49 off the very rugged Fishermen’s Trail) and Waialea Beach (which competes with Hideaways Beach on Kaua’i for coolest tucked away beach I’ve seen) to be a close second and third for most fun we had snorkeling. Can't wait to try out another island using your advice again!

  15. Awesome video! Thank you for the very informative video, I'm going to show this to our family group that is going to the BI next month for 8 days. Can't Wait!! Mahalo.

  16. Thanks for mentioning Ola this time around! It's so awesome.

    Kaloko Fishpond and the Pu'ukohola Heiau are also worth seeing on the west side regarding the free national parks. The fishpond beach is awesome for easy access and less crowds.

    If anyone is doing the 1871 trail in the Pu'uhonua o Honaunau national park, make sure you have the correct hiking shoes. The rock paths there and some near Kaloko fish pond are rough.

    If anyone is also daring, hear there's a cool butcher shop in Waimea besides Big Island Brewhaus close enough to the Heiau.

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