This surprised me most about Hawaii!

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  1. I’ve
    Made this a number of times and have served over white rice and butter grits with asparagus in the side. I made my fish in the air fryer and added the Mayo/wasabi topping the last 5-6 minutes.
    Always awesome!

  2. A lot of the older asian families on the island were shipped there to work on plantations when imperial america still had colonies.

    I think there are also rumors of how the word "pinoy" actually was a slur used for filipinos who used to work in the plantations, just reclaimed by filipinos and now widely used. Idk how true that is though.

  3. Lets stop asking Hollywood for stuff how about you make a video educating people on Hawaii and the diversity there . We complain about stuff but do nothing about it . Just do it yourself stop waiting for other people to give us what we want lets take matters into our hands

  4. Funfact: Idk if its true for other parts of Hawaii but Filipinos make up the majority of the asians in Hawaii. 60% of my schools were made up of Filipinos, or mixed Filipinos. I grew up having a lot of them as friends, but something I learned is that Filipinos can be scary. Short, yet scary

  5. Oh yes, because native Hawaiians really love the asian colonization just like the white colonization.

    How about no, let’s represent native Hawaiians in media about Hawaii.

  6. As a local, the community is majorly Asian and the culture is a mix of their respective ones, the biggest being Japanese and Filipino. It’s also a very openly queer state which I am very thankful for

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