TOP 10 MUST TRY FOOD when in HAWAII || [Oahu, Hawaii] *Our Top Picks!*

ALOHA🌺 In this video we wanted to show and introduce you to our top 10 must try food items when visiting Hawaii in Honolulu, Oahu.
As always there are many more places we haven’t tried yet and are hoping to try them soon!
We want to highlight local businesses in Hawaii and show you how they are operating during this pandemic. In order for mom and pop businesses to stay in business we try to support as many local businesses as we can!


Watch full videos here➡️
Hawaiian Food
Helena’s Hawaiian Food ➡️
Highway Inn➡️


Shave Ice
Waiola Shave Ice➡️
Shimazu Store➡️


Home Page

Shige’s Saimin Stand➡️
Shiro’s Saimin Haven➡️

Leonards Bakery➡️
Kamehameha Bakery➡️

Plate Lunch
Top 10 Video➡️

Spam Musubi:

Chun Wah Kam➡️

Crack Seed
Kaimuki Crack Seed Store➡️
Honolulu Crack Seed➡️



Poke on da Run➡️

Honorable Mentions:

Snow Puffies➡️

Garlic Shrimp➡️

Nisshodo Candy Store➡️


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We are Amanda and Felix. We are a born and raised Hawaii based local couple who loves to eat and explore 🌎 !
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TOP 10 MUST TRY FOOD when in HAWAII || [Oahu, Hawaii] *Our Top Picks!*



  1. Hey! My hubby use to live in Hawaii and many a drunken’ nights he would go to this place called Miki’s. He still talks about it (a couple years later) are they still doing their thing? Bc next year we’re coming to you’re beautiful home! I cannot wait!!! 😆 I have literally wanted to go for…like my whole life☺️

  2. Royal Kitchen & Sing Cheong Yuan Bakery is probably the last of the better Manapua on Oahu imho. Chun Wah Kam is ok…..keep the good vids rolling…

  3. Great video, I also like your Bloopers at the end, nice touch… I've visited Hawaii many times but didn't know of the local eats. So glad I found your channel, keep them coming, Aloha! ☮

  4. Hi, Amanda & Felix! Your vlogs and this particular one are a big help because I will be spending about a week in Honolulu soon, and it will be my first time in Oahu (if you don't count the airport), so I'm looking forward to checking these Hawaiian eats out.

  5. Such a beautiful view! As always, enjoyed the video 😋 You guys got me craving for all kines of food! Can’t wait for your guys next vid tmrw 🤗

  6. Have you guys tried Linakas in aiea hgts shopping center? lau lau, kalua pig, paste, etc. Yum. If not don't forget the chili pepper water , and add some to your mac salad..

  7. Where can you get Coconut turnovers? My family always brought it back to us when they visited Oahu. There’s coconut, pineapple and mixed coconut pineapple. They’re kinda shaped like an empanada.

  8. I always thought it was funny that the mainland called it snow cones because it's nothing like a snow cone. When you hear snow cone you think of light fluffy snow and THAT is shave ice. So it's kind of misleading when they say snow cones.. 😂 Hawaii shave ice is more like eating a snow cone..🍧

  9. No Crispy Gau Gee? AYCE Korean BBQ?
    Nice Video and recommendations – what I'll show the Malahinis when I say it's Da Kine food we like in Hawaii.
    Appreciate your efforts and Aloha with the videos. A $100 food Bill for video can be common – ouch – the price of Paradise now.

  10. 👍😃 video very informative.
    I'm going to Oahu next month. Can you guys suggest an inexpensive sushi near the Honolulu airport? Have you done a video on it? I'd love to see a video on inexpensive sushi. Thank you. 🌴🌺🤟

  11. One more week and I’m there! Can’t wait to go to Poke on da run and Honolulu Kitchen for some manapua! Keep up the good work luv the vibes! 🤙🏾

  12. Agree, agree, agree! Funny thing though about Lomi Salmon. I found an article about native Hawaiians not having onions, tomatoes, and salmon, and the origins from trade in the 1700s and 1800s. 🙂

  13. If you're looking for somewhere to try different manapua, you should try Honolulu Kitchen in Waipahu. They have both savory and sweet manapua.
    Last time I ordered you can order baked or steamed. Also I recommend calling it in as they don't have it in the case if you were to walk in.

  14. For spam musubi, check out Potama in Royal Hawaiian Center food hall (think spam musubi topped with double shrimp tempura). For manapua and other OG Chinese snacks, check out Sing Cheong Yuan Bakery. For poke, check out PokeStop.

  15. I like maruki tei in windward mall for okazuya. This is also my favorite place to get spam musubis, they are very simple but taste so good!🥰

  16. So much I want to try. Filex You are funny. Always looking forward to the next Video. LOVE and GOD BLESS You Both ALOHA Always Sister Chrissy Honolulu Hi 😙⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘💜💙

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