Ultimate 7 Eleven Hawaii Food Tour

Today we check out 7 Eleven in Honolulu Hawaii to see all the different variety of foods they have to offer. From poke bowls, spam musubi’s and shrimp katsu dog’s we got you covered in this ultimate 7 Eleven Hawaii food tour. Join me and my best friend as we take one for the team!

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  1. Love the bestie action. She knows ur dislikes and plays on it, in a fun way. I like both the mochico chixn musubi and the slightly cheaper garlic chixn musubi. The spam musubi doesn't cut it any more in terms of filling me tummy. That first store lost out on some profit. Y'all must've spent more than $20.

  2. Ahhh… this is so exciting. It reminds me of being in Taiwan, where even the 7-11 had all sorts of delicious, cheap, fresh foods. The convenience stores around me in NC are dreadful; mostly overpriced chips/pork rinds/candy and unhealthy processed food like hotdogs that have sat out there who knows how long. You're lucky to have these stores!

  3. Thanks for sharing your meal with us, because I've never bought food from 7-11. This video was very entertaining, especially with your side kick, Cassie. I was surprised that she able to eat so much food!

  4. I've never been to a 7-Eleven in Hawaii. They're still better than the ones in California. All we have are old and stale hot dogs, pizza, chicken wings, and taquitos. 🤢 Will try it this summer.

  5. Cassie is a great addition. Please invite her back to do more videos. She is a natural in front of the camera, good eater, good comments, lovely personality and a beautiful smile 👍🤙🥰

  6. Never knew that they had asian fast food at 7 Eleven. I will try it next time I go back. It reminds me of fast food in Tokyo.

  7. LOL! Charles, I have to go with Cassie, as we don;t even have any in our mainland 7-11's… you have access to MUCH better foods! 🙂 THanks MUCH for sharing and video! Cheers ! 🙂

  8. Hey Charles, I watch a lot of your helpful videos. You do a great job of explaining the content of the food, the address, price, and so forth. However, sometimes you don't cover small details or you may have forgotten to mention them. Meaning on this episode, you didn't cover why you guys got kicked out of the 1st 7/11. You didn't mention the price or location. Not all 7/11 are the same or serve the same food items. But overall this was a decent segment. As for the Musubi from 7/11. I can't compare a really good Musubi as opposed to the convenience store version. I do like Shrimp Musubi, Garlic Musubi, Mochiko Chicken Musubi. There is one Spam Musubi that has a very tasty sauce. It's not the Teri version, it is something else. It is hardly on stock. Thank you (mahalo nui loa) for the helpful tips.

  9. I live in snowy Minnesota ❄️🥶 and Hawaii 711's are 1000% better than what ours are like. 711's in Japan are amazing the variety of foods are really great, even more options than Hawaii. I'm not sure why they don't put a lot of these products in our 711's in the mainland. I would tell the owners that they can't sell it if they don't offer it to us. Who doesn't like shrimp or spam or tuna and rice etc. The desserts I saw in these stores were fantastic as well
    the musubi sounds really good, but you thought the garlic chicken was too greasy. I guess I don't look at the corner store like 711 to have the same quality food as a restaurant. I think it might be good for a quick 😋 snack

  10. I ate there 3 times during my last visit! I think I recognize the first one, that you guys got kicked out of- it looks like the one in the industrial complex in Kapolei on lauwiliwili st. Am I correct? 😆 I loved the Dynamite shrimp musubi roll, and the kakimochi cookies. Mother in law likes their pork hash (not for me) and their teriyaki spam musubi. I loved this and all your food reviews, keep up the great work! 🤙🙌🌺🍽

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