We Moved To Hawaii – A Film By SICKOS

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  1. You all LITERALLY live my dream. Currently an engineer in 3rd year of college and i play d2 football and i kid you not, every single day, I contemplate packing all my shit and my surfboard and moving to Hawaii to surf everyday, make only enough money to scrape by, and film everything. I have been surfing the Great Lakes since i was young and fell in love with it ever since. Just found this account not too long ago and absolutely love it. If you guys ever feel the need to add someone to the group or that the Sickos need one more… I can start packing.

  2. Go go go SICK O's.!!! Just when I thought your soundtrack to the episodes can't get better it does. Gimme Shelter amidst the storms and harsh waves of the aged, but until then Gimme Sickos.!!! Rock on.

  3. Great introduction to the Hawaiian saga of the famous Sickos clan…the narration has set the stage.. .everyone has given up something and sacrificed everything….to keep living the adventure…the vibe is set were all ready to watch what fantastic thrills you guys have instore for us…show off the driftlines, the kite sponsors and the merch…everyone will support your efforts..most of all just have fun!!!…enjoy included Justin when possible and live each day with intent…don't doubt your talent..go for it all of you are awesome and we're so proud of our Sickos😁👍🏄🏊‍♀️🌊👣🐠🤩🙏✝️😎

  4. this and JL's channel must be the most underrated on YouTube – super high production values and content. Possibly needs some celeb colabs to increase numbers. Keep on generatin' fellas.

  5. Covid lesson #(insert big number), if you have a dream, go for it while ya can! You guys are going for it, love it. Stay safe over there, locals can't be much worse than seaside 😉

  6. how do I get in contact with your web designers. I got some work i can send yalls way and I love the content man. gotta keep this crew together ❤ also no joke though. I can send both of them work especially if they're as good as the production quality of yalls channel

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