Come and canoe with us on a private island 🏝

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  1. I literally saw y’all on the H1 highway on Friday morning in ur lil rental getting rained on.. lol I was like aww she’s so pretty I hope her hair don’t get too wet!

  2. Oh heck Yes!!! Aloha!!! 🌺🌺🌺🌺 My wife and I were just in Hawaii for our wedding 2 weeks ago!!! It was AMAZING!!! Shouts out to Another lesbian couples channel!!! 🌈🌈🌈🌈 We love watching you guys!! This video is dope 🔥 Sending love! Keep up the great work ladies!!! New subbie!!!

  3. I'm smiling the whole time I watched this video I'm so happy you guys found each other I love how much you love each other it makes me happy to see real love 💘 and the two of you have everything I wish I could find with someone ❤ Love You Guys

  4. I am your number one fan enjoy it all the time you have that Tatiana child the burgers and fries Prince you try all the steak and eggs don't forget your eggs and breakfast pancakes sat down a waffles and starts the same for Prince and get some some samosas mimosa different type of drinks have one for me where you at it

  5. Y'all enjoy yourself for me y'all look so good idea in that boat talent press go Tiana you try something new and I'm glad you did enjoy your vacation be safe I love you 🥰💋💜💜

  6. I’m sorry but I cant look at Tati and deal with how skinny she is now, homegirl used to legitly be thick and now it’s giving dont need to see your ribs just by standing up💯Love the video, glad y’all enjoyed yall trip ❤️❤️

  7. Beautiful 🥰! You'd love my little paradise in Haiti🇭🇹🌊 Ocean is really blue there and delicious food in the resorts and beaches. Hopefully, one day things will calm down to travel. Have fun!

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