We're Running Away To Hawaii

We’re Running Away To Hawaii Aloha Oahu my favorite second home I had to take my british girlfriend to an island that has the union jack and british flag so she can see the beautiful waters of hawaii. We had to run away from the heat to chill in the cool waters. This is the start of our hawaiian adventures

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  1. It’s not the best time to fly to Hawaii with a lot of restrictions and long reservation times but I hope you’re still able to have fun. Nature is where Hawaii shines anyways.

  2. Heck yeah!!! Dude, David in these trips are some of the best because I love how he talks about food. Mans knows flava!!! Ty Joe, these vibes puts me in a good mood to study. ❤️ 🙏🏼💯

  3. its dope he still kicking it with his best friend . i thought we wont see him no more cuz joe have a gf. i see it happen all the time when someone is in a relationship.they start ghosting all their friends and focus on their bf or gf.

  4. At 04:36…OMG! I stayed at the Muddah condominium building at the top of Muddah Joe's head last March. It's called the Waikiki Marina Condominium Tower. Joe's next to the Ala Wai canal and close to the Muddah Ala Moana shopping center.

  5. Yo what up Joe I saw your new video called we're running away to Hawaii and I remember your last video called how to make friends after college I did leave you a comment and I was being honest with you and that was my confession yes it's true I never went to college in my life and yes I want to serve in the military and join the Marines and fight in Afghanistan and Iraq because I do support the war and I already know what's going on in Afghanistan and it's terrible and here's one more thing I am not going to lie to you about I never did go to Hawaii in my life the only people I know who went to Hawaii was my sister's husband and his cousin they were the only ones who went to Hawaii but I never did and yes I'm not an only child I have two sisters for real

  6. Hi, Joe 🎌🇺🇲When are you taking her to Japan! .😁 I haven't visited Oahu for 31years. !!.I skipped attending Seijin Shiki then spent money for the trip, Instead of
    purchasing expensive kimono..did modeling for advertising gorgeous kimonos and dresses. It was a long time ago, but it always like yesterday to me, Hope I can eat beautiful sushis at Tadashi if I can get there agan,

  7. I like to imagine that you don't arrange to meet Darion, he's just everwhere, like an ethereal friend who only appears when you need him…

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