Which Hawaii Island to Visit – Choosing a Hawaiian island to visit

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Aloha Bruce and Lanai Tabura are back in their scenic oceanfront studio for the latest Hawaii Vacation Video Podcast. And today they are talking about how to choose which islands in the Aloha State you should plan to visit. Later in the podcast, they will be speaking with Kelly Sanders, an executive with Highgate properties.

Lanai begins by talking about two Hawaiian Islands that visitors cannot visit without special permission. Ni’ihau, near Kauai, is privately owned by the Robinson Family. It is home to a native Hawaiian community who continue to live the indigenous Hawaiian lifestyle. Visitors need special permission from the family to be on Ni’ihau.

Kaho’olawe is also inaccessible, as it is a former target and bombing range of the US military. Unexploded ordnance still remains on the island, and only those with special authority are authorized there for munitions cleanup.

Bruce talks about Oahu being his favorite place to live, but he also has his favorite Neighbor Islands to visit. Lanai talks about his love for his home island of Lanai.

Our hosts talk about the perks of visiting Oahu for shopping and other big city amenities and the relative seclusion of the Garden Isle of Kauai. Of the Valley Isle of Maui, Bruce jokes, “If Oahu and Kauai had a baby, it would be Maui.” Lanai says his favorite island to visit is Kauai.

Bruce and Lanai move on to talk about Hawaii Island, otherwise known as “the Big Island”. Bruce jokes, “I always tell people ‘the Big Island is BIG’”. Lanai remarks that it can be a 3-4 hour drive from Hilo to Kona. Both hosts offer their takes on the advantages each island has as a destination.

The relative benefits and general attractions of each island are discussed, with our hosts agreeing that it is important for visitors to know what they want from their Hawaii vacation. Bruce and Lanai joke about Instagrammer “influencers” visiting Hawaii to pad their profiles.

Before bringing on guest Kelly Sanders, Lanai offers the promo code to open great benefits at Hawaii-Aloha.com/promo.

Kelly Sanders gives our hosts a rundown of Highgate properties, including the famous Alohilani, and talks about the many renovations and improvements to Highgate hotels throughout Waikiki. “It’s a whole city block”, says Sanders of the Alohilani.

He talks about the renovations there and the hotel honoring Queen Liliuokalani, whose beach home was located nearby at Queen’s Beach. Our hosts get Mr. Sanders to talk about the massive oceanarium at the Alohilani being an attraction in itself.

Mr. Sanders talks about the Highgate Properties approach to its Waikiki properties, and about the Coconut Club and the improvements made there. He also discusses ambitious future plans at Highgate properties. The conversation turns to two restaurants owned by world-famous Iron Chef Masahiro Morimoto and the quality of the food and service.

Bruce asks Mr. Sanders to talk about his community outreach work with important non-profits like the Diamond Head Theatre and American Heart Association. Sanders says that it is important to him personally, and how important it is for island communities to be engaged with and supportive of organizations that do the hard work of making people’s lives better in Hawaii.